Liveaboard Scuba Diving: What You Should Know

Scuba Diving Liveaboard trip is a dream trip for many divers. It is a total focused on your diving, and lets you share that focus with a number of other divers. The decision to go on a Banda sea diving hammerhead holiday is a crucial decision for many divers. Liveaboards were mentioned in the Dive Vacation Planning article of the beginner's guide to the possibility of a dive trip. Although the article briefly touched on the topic, there's more to it.


There are several factors to consider prior to beginning the process of choosing a liveaboard. There are many factors that are interconnected, but they're the most important.


* Experience level


* Expectations


* Your Budget


* Your Ideal Location


Experience Level


Experience level is one of the biggest concerns that an experienced diver could face. Two other articles that are posted on this website gives some examples of extremes of this. The article Cairns Liveaboards Are Not Just for Experts discusses learning to dive in Cairns from liveaboards. One of the dive centers mentioned in that article is Pro Dive and they have been acknowledged for holding more than 150,000 certifications. While not all of those were liveaboards, it shows they are aware of the ropes and it shows that even beginners can stay on the liveaboard.


Three remote areas are reserved for experienced divers. Liveaboards in the Galapagos Islands generally require being certified as an advanced diver and to have completed over 50 dives. Assess your diving experience and seek out the guidance from a qualified dive instructor or an experienced diver to determine your level. Think about whether you should consider additional training before or during your trip.


I recently came across a post on a message board, where a diver was seeking advise on locating a liveaboard. He was looking for one to transport him, his three companions and them to the Galapagos Islands to dive Wolf and Darwin Islands. The diver also said they wanted a liveaboard, but without the "ridiculous" requirement of fifty log dives. He stated that his friends and him were ready for the trip, however they all had less that twelve dives following certification. Divers who have completed advanced recreational diving are frequently called upon to dive around Wolf or Darwin as the most thrilling. Naturally, the responses the diver received were not always friendly.


What are your expectations?


You should make a list of all your things you'd like to do during your trip. You will need to list both desirable and must-have features. This list will allow you to determine if a liveaboard meets your diving expectations, but not your other needs. Going to a different restaurant or disco each night is not something you can do on liveaboards.


One of the items that you should really focus on is your stateroom and requirements on board. While cabins are so small that you need to walk in to reconsider your decision, these days there are liveaboards that can fit this kind of thinking. Think about hotel rooms you've stayed in before you, and what was acceptable to you and what wasn't. How much deck space is there, and how important is it to you?


Your Vacation Budget


The price of your banda sea diving hammerhead holiday is likely depend on two aspects. The location and the amount of luxury on the liveaboard. Egypt could be the most expensive value if you're in Europe. While there are safety and security issues at present but the Red Sea is still a excellent value for money destination. Most Red Sea Liveaboards cost less than $150 per day with the majority costing less than $100 and a few under $80. These are the most luxurious cruise ships that are available. Other parts of the world, Thailand and Bahamas are available for less than 200 dollars per day. The Galapagos Islands will find the average liveaboards at $500 per night and maxing out over $750 a night. When you are determining your budget, you should consider the cost of travel and flights for getting to and from the liveaboard. Keep in mind that most of the expenses you incur for a liveaboard are in advance. The meals, as well as diving are included.


Liveaboards are able to be comfortably sailed and lower-end ones for certain destinations will often be higher-end than what the diver is familiar with.


Your Traum Location


It is you going on vacation, so it should be simple for you to travel where you want. The level of your experience may leave certain destinations out of consideration, and your budget might also reduce the possibilities of destinations. However, it's highly likely there will be multiple destinations that can fit both your budget and your level of skill.


Check out the locations that remain and determine the ones you'd like to go to and dive. Then, you can begin to research the destinations and assign them a ranking. See liveaboards that sail to the places that are most interesting to you and read reviews.


Choose Your Liveaboard Scuba Diving vacation


Take the parameters that you've previously reviewed and begin looking for liveaboards that match your requirements. There are a number of websites that offer peer reviews . This makes it somewhat easier to find a match for what you are seeking. Remember that everyone has their own opinions and that some writers harbor grudges which have nothing to have anything to do with the content of their review. Sometimes, even friends might post fake positive reviews. So look for patterns. You can reach the liveaboard to ask questions or get answers to your questions.


Most of the liveaboard websites will have information about the dive sites they normally dive at. Find information on the internet about those sites, do you find them to be within your skill of what you'd like from your diving experience. These websites usually have images and maybe even videos of the ship and the living areas. Take a look and decide whether you believe they be up to your standards. There are many liveaboards with menus to determine whether the food you're looking for is what you are seeking.


Pay pay attention to the small print about what's included and what is excluded. Extra charges can add up. A lot of liveaboards require a diving computer. If you don't have one, it's an excellent reason to buy one. A rental will be near the price of buying one. All boats require dive insurance which includes evacuation insurance. You should get it.


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