How To Choose Your Indonesia Cruise

You will be captivated by the many Indonesian cruise itineraries. However, it isn't easy to pick the right vessel and travel route. Our experts have looked over the possibilities and have put together this extensive private cruises guide to help you through your travel choices. Based on your preferences starting at either the top or the lower end of this list to inform your trip search.


Explore your options


Numerous small boats of different dimensions and designs sail Indonesia. Although you can take the same route in day boats, it's crucial to select a safe reliable, reliable, and top-of-the-line vessel from these islands that are remote. We highly recommend taking a trip beyond the traditional day-tour route to remote areas via expedition vessels. Our partners in Indonesia vary from traditional wooden schooners, which provide an authentic, romantic vibe to luxurious and exploratory-focused, state-of the-art expedition vesselsthat can travel further, faster, equipped with the most modern technology. Knowing your preferred ship features, style, and amenities will help narrow down your Indonesia cruise choices.


Think about the Indonesia fauna you'd like to observe


Wildlife encounters aren't able to be guaranteed, scouting out native species is a large part of the fun of adventure travel anywhere. You can find manta rays and birds-of paradise in Indonesia. But there are also geographic nuances.


The Wallace Line is a famous faunal boundary that divides two eco-zones within Indonesia. Alfred Russel Wallace, a naturalist, sketched the "line" in 1859. It runs across Borneo to Sulawesi and finishes at the Strait between Bali and Lombok. It's thrilling for naturalists because it is one of the most distinct biogeographic zones on Earth. To the west of the line, you will find larger terrestrial mammals (tigers, elephants, orangutans), and east of the line, look out for marsupials, Australian cockatoos and birds-of-paradise. The Indonesian island of Sulawesi is an interesting addition from the Wallace Line with black macaques and tarsiers.


Seasonality: The Clues


Indonesia cruises are offered every month of the year however, ships tend to follow trade winds and weather patterns to sail specific locations during their drier, less-windy months. If you're looking to sail Raja Ampat for example, plan your trip during the winter months (roughly October to February). There are many sailings from April to September when you are on an Bali cruise.


Select Your Indonesia Island or Region


At nearly 750,000 sq miles, Indonesia is the world's largest island and seventh largest by combined sea-and-land area. It is impossible to see everything on a single cruise without having unlimited time. Understanding the region and understanding your travel objectives are vital. Here is a brief primer:


Lesser Sunda Islands: Flores, Komodo and Bali Cruises


The most well-known private cruises itineraries are located within the Lesser Sunda Islands, perhaps because of the international airport in Bali and the island becoming known as a top travel destination due to its numerous established resorts. From west to east the Lesser Sunda Islands comprise Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Sumba, Timor, the Alor archipelago, and the Barat Daya Islands and the Tanimbar Islands, with the most frequent expedition cruise routes sailing regularly between Bali and Flores.


Each island is distinct and has distinct earthy highlights, including waterfalls and mangroves, volcanoes mangroves and volcanoes, white-sand beaches and savannahs and mangroves. The diverse terrain has a wide array of animals which includes Komodo dragons as well as manta rays. Tourists visiting the Lesser Sundas are attracted by their traditional lifestyles, tranquil coastal villages, tribal ceremonies, and fascinating ancestral traditions.


Indonesia Charters The Truth is You Can Do It Yourself


Since the sizes of ships vary on the lower end (12 to 120 guests) for our Indonesia cruises, chartering your own vessel is a feasible option for a variety of families and groups. Contact our experts about a charter which could result in savings per cabin and flexible routes, so you can design your ideal itinerary.


Let us be your Indonesia Cruise Guide


Most important when choosing your Indonesia ship and itinerary, talk to an knowledgeable Indonesia cruise expert to get the full picture. This is a big excursion, so you need to make sure it's the best experience for your interests! PacificHigh is an award-winning specialist in expedition cruises with a focus on guided nature tours for small groups and custom travel.

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