Best Things To Do In Bulgaria For Every Single Type Of Visitor

It's impossible to escape beauty while visiting Bulgaria. You're either going to be enjoying the coastline of the Black Sea or the majestic mountainous interior. Whatever the situation, the cool fresh air will likely revitalize your whole body. There are many obvious benefits, but there is more to Bulgaria more than these.


For instance, Bulgaria is known as a melting pot for culture. Influences include; Greek, Slavic, Ottoman, and Persian. Combining these cultures can result in some of the most intriguing music, dance and artistic expressions anywhere in the world.


It's rare for anyone to say that Bulgaria is the top destination on their list of vacation destinations, or even on their bucket lists. However, almost everyone who has been to Bulgaria declares it to be one of their most memorable travel experiences. This nation of 7 million is a hidden gem and also a low-cost one. It's obvious that Bulgaria is a smart option. It can be difficult to decide what to do in Bulgaria as there are many options. This is a great place for families, couples, and adventurers.


Bulgaria Travel Guide


Explore Ancient Nessebar


Nessebar is a charming historic city, with streets lined with cobblestones and restaurants looking out over the sea. There are small bars and local bars. If you need to get Bulgaria tourist guide, then you can find it from


Half a day is the best time to visit Nessebar. You can also grab a coffee, beer or ice cream while you stroll around the pier and harbor.


If you choose to dine at any of the restaurants in Bulgaria, it must be mentioned that seafood is the specialty here. However, very few complain about Bulgarian food, no matter if it's seafood or not.


Go to The Rila Monastery


The Rila Monastery is a World Heritage Site with a mountain background. A lot of visitors claim that this is the most pure air you will ever breathe in your lifetime. This alone alone makes this a tempting choice.


You can also go on an organized tour of the Rila Monastery and learn more about the history of the region. It is also possible to visit the place on your own and be captivated by its stunning beauty. You should see the galleries, the old kitchen and the collection of weapons. You should also be able to see artwork from various times.


Admire The Saint Alexander Nevski Cathedral


It's a special place as you're not permitted to take photographs. The church is situated in the middle of Bulgaria and is renowned for its beautiful interior. Unfortunately, you are prohibited to take photographs in the church.


A picture is, of course it's not as close to seeing it with your own eyes. If you go to the location there's a good chance that you will hear the choir sing.


Scuba Diving


Bulgaria is an ideal country for outdoor enthusiasts thanks to its numerous forests and mountains as well as the stunning Black Sea beaches. Those outdoor adventures aren't limited to the land, however. There's plenty of things to do in Bulgaria by water.

Divers will be amazed by Bulgaria's variety of dive sites. The Black Sea's dive sites in Bulgaria are incredible. is the most reliable website to learn about the Bulgaria most beautiful places.


Go to The Shumen Monument


The Monument to 1,300 Years of Bulgaria is often referred to as Shumen Monument, also known as Shumen Monument is a large monument that can be found on a plateau just above Shumen's village. It was built in 1981 to commemorate and mark the First Bulgarian Empire's 1300th anniversary.


It is also called the Founders of Bulgarian State Monument. The monument rises above the landscape and features a typical cubist, bombastic Communist design. This landmark is different from other communist-themed monuments in Bulgaria (see below) is preserved after the fall Communism.


Stroll Around Plovdiv Old Town


Plovdiv Old Town has been selected to be the European Capital of Culture 2019. It is possible to walk along cobblestone streets or stepping into museums and antique shops. There's as well an Ottoman mosque, and a Roman amphitheater. To truly explore the beautiful town, allow 1-2 hours. You could also opt to stay overnight in one of these amazing accommodations in Plovdiv. Make sure to not miss the amazing architecture.


Choose An Outdoor Experience At Vitosha Mountain


The third-highest peak in Bulgaria with 7,513 feet of elevation, Vitosha Mountain, is a national park with the possibility of hiking and skiing. If you choose to do the latter and aren't experienced, don't worry; you can use the ski school that offers instruction. For those who are walking in the warmer months, don't forget to visit the waterfall.


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