What is DVC? Is it Direct or Resale from Disney?

What Is DVC?


The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a popular vacation ownership plan. With 15 properties in which you can earn points to rent rooms, DVC allows members to have a pleasant, luxurious vacation in several desirable locations.


In general, only the most recent resorts are available for purchase directly through Disney. It is possible to make an inquiry with Disney to place you on a waitlist to purchase the other resorts, though they are believed to be sold out. If Disney exercise its right of first refusal on a dvc resales or receives back points via foreclosure, it will then turn around and sell those points at the current market prices to the next person who is on the waiting list.




You can purchase contracts at DVC resorts from owners looking to sell their memberships, through the dvc resale club. If your offer is not enough, Disney will exercise its right of first refusal and purchase the contract from you . This is acceptable for the seller since they are paid in any way but is a waste the buyers' time. Make sure you do your research prior to making an offer, to ensure that you have a reasonable expectation of actually getting the contract. Resales typically cost 50%-70% of what Disney sells the same resorts brand new. There are also screaming deals being reported where people are getting contracts at 30% of retail or even lower. Those are rare; don't count on being able to secure that bargain. The majority of the time, an offer that low will be taken by Disney under its right of first refusal. But, even when you purchase at 70% off the retail price, that's a significant savings on an investment this big.


Shopping for Goods


If you're looking to purchase DVC as quickly as possible so you can start using it immediately, purchasing direct from Disney is usually the best bet. If you already have a ticket to Walt Disney World, the transaction can be completed in a matter of minutes. Even if you purchase the contract via phone, it usually takes only two days to finish. Disney speeds up the process of recording deeds so that it is possible to get an appointment as soon as you've signed the paperwork. This is even before the official records the deed.


If you are looking for the lowest price possible buying dvc resales is the most efficient choice. You just have to understand that the process can be very slow, and sometimes frustratingly slow. When you resell first, you must find a good contract. If you're looking for a certain size for a smaller hotel, it can take some time before one comes up. Once you find one and offer to purchase and the seller decides to reject your offer, and then you'll need to wait for the next one to become available. If the offer is accepted, it has to be sent to Disney for them to determine whether they want to exercise their right of first refusal, after which they will begin the titling and the deed recording process.


Incentive Programs


Disney provides special offers for new buyers on the DVC resorts currently open for direct sale. These offers can be changed at any time. They might not be available when the order is made. A minimum of 100 points is generally needed for all new buyers.




A DVC membership can be a rational, financially viable option for some people: namely people with the purchase price in their bank account, who are planning to stay in higher-end accommodation in Walt Disney World, Disneyland and/or Disney's beach resorts frequently.